Makeup by geet soni


Glam Up Your Look with Geet Soni

Makeup is a unique skill that involves the use of cosmetic products that help conceal imperfections in the skin, like dark circles or wrinkles. They highlight aspects of the face that stands out as one’s best features. There are a variety of techniques that our professional makeup artists use such as eye shadows, eyeliners, concealer treatment, foundation and contouring, and so on. At Makeup by Geet Soni, we utilize all types of makeup techniques using products of the highest quality.

Geet Soni has spent over ten years in the fashion and glamour industry, practising her unique blend of techniques working with several celebrities, fashion models and bridals. Her team comprises 150 professional artists who have been trained under her wing and are now working on grand projects such as UK’s Largest Asian Fashion Show.

We work with a diversified range of clients, many of whom have been working with us on a repeated basis. It is our goal to ensure that our clients receive the best results from their sessions with us. We respect and understand that there is a difference in every individual, and find new and creative ways to make each client look their absolute best.

Geet Soni Specializes in Providing the Following;

Party Make Up

Parties are an occasion of fun and excitement. So it is only fair that you look your most excited self. With Geet Soni make-up, you can be sure to have all eyes on you. Our party make-up services are among the best in the UK, dedicated to making our clients look nothing less than the bell of the ball.

Bridal Make Up

A wedding is not an occasion, it is a phenomenon of two souls tying a knot that unites them at their souls. It is a celebration of the love that you have for your partner. So don’t we have you looking phenomenal for your life’s most auspicious event? Geet Soni offers some of the most sought-after bridals make up sessions in the UK.

Glamour Make Up

Glamour needs to be more subtle than robust. It need only give a taste of a woman’s true beauty to be called elegant, attractive and glamorous. Our team at Makeup by Geet Soni is here to glam up your look for any special occasion.

Fashion/Catwalk Make Up

The United Kingdom is among the most revered fashion capitals in the world. When it comes to fashion Geet Soni is not one to compromise. We deliver high-quality make up results for UK’s most elite fashion shows and ramp exhibitions.

Celebrity Make Up

All celebrities follow a grinding routine comprised of film and fashion shoots, fitness schedules and TV appearances. The industry demands that they look their best for public and televised events. Geet Soni is among the most cherished celebrity makeup artists in the UK offering stunning and glamorous results every time.