Makeup by geet soni

Bridal Makeup

A Bridal Make Up Artist Makes a Bride's Dream Look a Reality

Bridal Make Up is outright different from all other types of makeup done in any industry. Professional bridal makeup artists train ardently in understanding the various techniques, trends and skills necessary to pull off an exotic bridal look every time.

A makeup artist must know how to contour the best features on a bride’s face using the right brush and palette. They need to have proper knowledge in using the best equipment and techniques to effect flawless concealing, shadowing and blending of the color according to the texture of the skin. The makeup must remain consistent for the entire duration of the ceremonies, making the bride look youthful, gorgeous and radiant throughout.

There is an immense amount of pressure on the makeup artist to make the bride’s look stand out on her special day. This is why Makeup with Geet Soni Academy offers you a holistic course on Bridal Makeup, designed to equip you with the skills necessary for producing the best results. Geet Soni Academy offers you incredible insight into the world of glamour and fashion. Under her mentorship and guidance, you can be sure to feel more confident in your craft unlike ever before. You will learn to cover up flaws and blemishes skillfully and apply foundation with finesse.

Aspiring Bridal Make Up Artists can use this course to mature their craft through hand-to-hand training, under the supervision of make-up and hair trainer, Geet Soni.

Who This Course Is For?

Those seeking private and in-person bridal makeup training would find this course to be more than suitable. Make-up professionals who have spent considerable time in the industry and are focused on sharpening their present skills while mastering new ones, are also ideal candidates.

What Can You Expect from this Course?

This professional bridal make-up course has been designed to be intensive and competitive based on average industrial standards. The completion of your training will enable you to feel more confident as a bridal makeup artist, with a newborn aptitude for excelling in this profession. You will be able to level up more quickly in this line of work with the assistance of our accomplished make-up trainers. Learn to master new techniques and instruments which can elevate your style of makeup, enabling you to offer your clients a more modernized and photogenic look on their wedding day.