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Glamour makeup

A True Glamour Artist is One Who Illuminates the Beauty that is Already There

There are dozens of ways to describe glam make-up, largely since there are no clear parameters to distinctively define glamour make-up. Clients would often describe it as “natural makeup” in which case there are primarily two factors to consider; a. the style of the make-up is only meant to enhance the client’s natural beauty and not surpass it, b. the ingredients used in the making are comprised of natural ingredients. However, this definition of glamorous make-up is not entirely accurate and is exactly one of the things we will teach in our Glamour Make-Up Courses at Makeup by Geet Soni Academy.

Soft and subtle are the two permeating traits of glamour make-up in the universal sense. Clients would often feel hesitant to mention the word ‘glamour’ in the context of make-up for the fear of signifying the use of heavy and bold colours. Neutral colours that blend more consistently with varying skin tones like tan, mauve, brown, beige, gold, bronze and rose are among the best choice for bringing about that soft but glamorous look.

The products used by the makeup artist must blend effortlessly over the skin without highlighting the contours or any hard distinctions like heavy lips, eyeliners or eyebrows. It is fair to describe glamour make-up as an elevated version of the look which the client already has. This style of makeup can be quite daunting for aspiring makeup artists to get used to at first. That being the case, Makeup by Geet Soni Academy aims to guide new and experienced artists in mastering the subtle art of glamour make-up with our integrated courses.

Who This Course Is For?

Glamour Make up students who are looking to expand their potential on a professional level or simply learn hot fine-tune their abilities can enroll in this course and set up a strong foundation for their skills in the glamour industry. Students who have recently graduated as well as those who have been active in this industry for some time can enroll in this opportunity to advance their repertoire even further. Opportunities are available at a large magnitude for those willing to enter the glamour make-up industry. There is plenty of scope in this field, ranging from celebrity looks, ceremonial looks and modern fashion trends.

What Can You Expect from this Course?

At our Glamour Makeup Academy, students will be able to develop a stronger base of understanding of makeup applications as well as how to effectively use all hygiene essentials. They will be provided with practical situations where they can practice and apply their learning to enhance their skills. With the help of our comprehensive make-up program, students will be privileged to learn all the latest techniques that are trending in this industry first-hand. This course presents them the opportunity to advance their skills by creating glamorous looks for a vast range of occasions like parties, Soft and glam makeup for brides, ramp shows and celebrity events. The artists graduating from this program will be able to practice the fundamentals of glamour make-up more confidently. It is one of the most sought-after courses in the makeup and fashion industry, and with our guidance and support the students at Makeup with Geet Soni can make the most of this opportunity.