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Turn Your Eyes into Artwork with Geet Soni

The eyes are the windows to the soul! Many people have debated this idea for a long time but one fact is clear; the eyes are the first thing we notice in a person. Applying to make up to the eyes allows them to look more prominent and alluring. Techniques like the use of eyeliners or eye shadow have been historically successful in captivating people’s attention instantaneously. It has evolved as an art that the ancient Egyptians had mastered and are still being practiced to this day.

The makeup artists and hair stylists at Makeup by Geet Soni receive special emphasis on their eye makeup training, which enables them to master the art behind eyeliner application techniques. There are five primary types of eyeliners, using which make-up artists can explore thousands of different possibilities in applying eye makeup.

These five main types of eye liners we use;

  • Liquid Eyeliners
  • Cream Eyeliners
  • Gel Eyeliners
  • Kohl Eyeliners
  • Pencil Eyeliners

Applying Eyeliner is a more advanced form of makeup that requires more time to get right. Geet Soni trains her employees to be precise yet creative with their eyeliner techniques. We highlight the shape of your eyes by drawing small dash lines around them. This is followed by a bit of light brushing to smudge the border, giving your eyes a neat and aesthetic shadow. Our artists excel in using a variety of colors and combinations in make-up to create bold designs and patterns. We have worked on various models and celebrities producing gorgeous results.

Geet Soni has spent more than a decade mastering these techniques and is always experimenting with new ways to make her client’s eyes stand out among the crowd. Elegant or bold, light or radiant; give your eyes a new look with Make Up by Geet Soni.

Try On Some of Our Most Captivating Eye Shadows


The ideal look preserves the natural beauty of your eyes. We apply colors that resemble the tone of your skin quite closely followed by a light brush technique for smoothly blending it in. Natural eye shadow gives your eyes a light glam touch.


Interested in the bold and beautiful? With a simple shimmery eye technique, the party will start with your eyes. We apply a light layer of eye shadow along with a shimmering finish and you’re done.

Cat Eye

Perhaps the easiest and the most popular Arabic eye makeup technique there is. The cat eye technique is both subtle and effective. Here we draw evenly measured guidelines that protrude from the outer corner of your eyes and disappear with a streak at the end. A bit of eye shadow will go a long way in making them look well-defined.


The gradient eye shadow is a more versatile look. It is natural yet bold, mixed with a range of colors to achieve a deep to light gradation over the eyes. The gradient path may vary among individuals depending on the unique shape of the eyes of the very individual. 


Halo eye shadows are among the most exuberant styles there are. The design is usually very precise with a darker shade around the outer and inner edges, and a light color in the middle. This type of shadow takes the form of a halo around the eyes. 

Smokey Eye

Another one of our most popular eye shadow variations is the sexy but smokey eye! Here, the use of a black undertone is more dominant, facilitated by a color that is close to the tone of the skin. Smokey eyes or the eye shadow look is an absolute classic.

Cut Crease

The cut crease look contours the eyes using multiple colors that complement each other. The effect is much more vibrant and exotic compared to any other type of shadow technique. Our Cut Crease techniques are extremely popular among the elite in the fashion world.