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Find the Right Stylist for you at Geet Soni

It is difficult to imagine beauty without hair. It is an innate part of our personality and charm. A substantial amount of effort, time and energy goes into taking care of hair. However, that does not mean that your hair can’t do with a little make-up. The biggest question a hair stylist has to answer is what style would suit their client’s hair the best. Long hair can be made more wavy or curly, while short hair opens up a whole new domain of styling, for instance, the pixie cut that makes one look simple and chic. Hair Styling is a whole other skill set among makeup artists. One that requires elaborate knowledge of the different types of hair and what style suits them best. A stylist also needs to consider the length of the hair as well as the preferences of the client.

What you truly need is a stylist that understands what is best for you and your hair. At Makeup by Geet Soni, we provide you with some of the most desired hairstyles that are at the height of fashion in the glamour industry. Geet Soni is a veteran makeup artist and hair stylist who has spent over a decade training up-and-coming stylists in the industry. She has a team of 150 dedicated and innovative stylists who are constantly experimenting with new looks. Having your hair done at Make Up by Geet Soni guarantees that you would have a hairstyle that you can flaunt with pride.

Services Our Stylists are Trained to Provide

Reception Looks

Reception is the primary point of interaction in any place of business. It is where the receptionist receives visitors and organizes their appointment. Receptionists must look their best as they are the acting representative of the company. Geet Soni offers exceptional reception look styling that is bound to impress.

Couture Party Styling

Couture parties are a fun gathering where live creativity meets an intellectual audience. If you are a couture host, then having your hair styling done by stylists from Geet Soni will give you the confidence you need to run the show.

Bridal Hair Extensions

Besides the bride, her hair is most likely to get the most attention at her wedding. Not every bride’s hair is voluminous, but with Geet Soni hair extensions they don’t need to be. Our stylists are given exceptional bridal hair extension training to create a masterpiece out of a bride’s hair.

Curly Hair Styling

For most women, managing curls can easily become a nightmare. Fortunately, with a little curly hair styling from the team at Makeup by Geet Soni, your curls will soon become your best friend!

Vintage Waves Styling

We all remember the golden era of fashion when women flaunted their vast voluminous hair during most glamorous occasions. Here is your chance to enjoy a taste of that era for Makeup by Geet Soni specializes in Vintage Wave Styling.