Makeup by geet soni

About us

Greetings Aspiring Make Up Artists!

I am Geet Soni, also known as Jasleen Kaur, your instructor, motivator and guide at Makeup with Geet Soni Academy. I have been a business entrepreneur in the make-up and hair industry for over a decade, specializing in pre-wedding shoots, bridal makeup, catwalk modeling shows and even music video shoots.

Leveraging the experience that I have gained from working extensively across a vast range of fields in this industry, has enabled me to branch out into creating an academy for training the aspiring make-up artists of today. My goal and mission are to empower women in this field, to help them build their careers with an enthusiasm that will later go on to become a stepping stone for reaching greater heights.

In the last 10 years,

I have inspired and trained hundreds of students into actualizing their true calling in life.

They have experienced an immense boost in their level of confidence that has enabled them to make a difference in their life and make their dreams a reality. I can say with immense pride that many of my students have landed massive opportunities that have placed them at the forefront of the beauty industry, catering to major celebrities as well as retaining dozens of repeat customers.

My team which is 150 employees strong,

including many of the graduates from ‘Makeup by Geet Soni Academy‘ have successfully catered to a vast number of distinguished clients around the world. We are victorious in establishing ourselves among the leading makeup and hair teams in the UK, only recently working as the official make-up team for UK’s largest Asian Fashion Show. My greatest source of motivation for branching out from glamour to the training sector is the empowerment of women and ingraining the belief that they are capable of being more than just mere housewives.

Many of these women lack the confidence to venture out into the world of work.

For them, this is an excellent entry-level position forgetting their foot out the door by transcending cultural restrictions. Make-Up by Geet Soni Academy specializes in hair styling, make-up, bridal preparation, model shoots, pre-wedding shoots for videos, and TV and social media presentations.

Additionally, we help our students secure business, contracts and employment opportunities by promoting them through our active online and social media presence.

We venture to ensure that

all our students find paid work,  and are ardently providing free mentoring services to all graduates until they do. Our lessons are structured, constantly upgraded and improved upon, building on best practices from all our partnerships. Our certifications are backed and accredited by the British Beauty Group.